Water & Desalination

Solutions for a Healthy Water Supply

Zanzibar has limited access to clean drinking water. Due to the geology of the island (coral ground), many wells yield salty water with varying concentrations. One of the key factors is the rising salt concentration in ground water as the sea level increases.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants can provide a solution for desalinization of brackish and sea water along with also removing any harmful bacteria. These RO plants can be powered with commercial power or with solar/wind energy; making it a more sustainable option.

Pamoja Water Department, with its staff, has the expertise and manpower to assemble, service, maintain and repair RO plants of different capacities.  Pamoja Zanzibar services the following machines in different villages across the islands of Zanzibar:

  • Uzi Island, 3 units, 200 ltrs/hr each machine, 3000 people
  • Pamoja Chukwani Vocational Training Center, 1 unit, 200 ltrs/hr, numerous people in our area collect water here, some of the areas that collect water are Buyu, Chukwani, Kiembe Samaki, Mbweni, Mazizini, Kisauni and KIST.
  • Buyu, 100 ltrs/hr, 1500 people
  • Pwani Mchangani, 200 ltrs/hr, on the property of a lodge however planned to serve the local people around
  • Kokota Island, 200 ltrs/hr, 500 people

All these units were built and assembled by local technicians that are part of Pamoja Zanzibar.  For these types of RO machines, we train and support local operators who are doing the day to day maintenance.  In particular on Uzi Island, the concept of using operators from the local community was crucial for the acceptance of these machines.  These machines provide a way forward for a formerly unknown way of achieving a clean and safe water supply.

In 2017, two of our local Tanzanian technicians, together with a German mechanic, assembled a RO plant in the southern district of Somalia in the town of Kismayo.  The installation of this machine was to assist an ongoing health care project within Somalia.  This project was supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) coordinated by GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (German Association for International Cooperation).  In 2014, a similar unit was installed in an eye clinic in Mombasa, Kenya.

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